Name: Nina Erkens

Age: 27

Origin: Fairfield

Occupation: Private Detective



Nina may have read too many Sam Spade books growing up, but she’s not a half-bad detective. The problem is, most of her jobs involve finding lost jewelry and tracking down cheating spouses. It pays the bills, but it’s dull. When she discovers a portal to another world, she takes it in stride and uses it as an opportunity to live out some of the excitement she’s been craving. Hopefully it doesn’t get her into any serious hot water.


Name: Felix Polzin

Age: ??

Origin: Agartha

Occupation: Information Broker




Felix is Agartha’s friendly neighborhood informant, and he can hook you up with anything you want to know--for a price. If you ask around, you’ll find that he seems to have appeared overnight. Nobody knows where he’s from, and he doesn’t seem to have any family. The only friend he has is the magical, possibly sentient book that feeds him juicy info. Did he come from the slums? From wealth? What did he do before he became who he is now?

There’s a lot hidden behind his smile.


Name: Glenn Devlin

Age: 25

Origin: Fairfield

Occupation: Secretary/Sidekick

When Glenn agreed to work for Nina, he expected a desk job. Answering phones, writing up reports, something nice and simple. He didn’t expect to get dragged all over town on her adventures, and he especially didn’t expect to get dragged into another world. Still, he likes Agartha, although his preference is to observe it from behind the window of a nice cafe. He’s shy, and non-confrontational, and wants nothing more than to just sit somewhere quiet and have intelligent conversation with someone who doesn’t stress him out.









Name: Ajit Misra

Age: 29

Origin: Agartha

Occupation: Smuggler, Crime Lord

Misra runs the biggest crime organization in Agartha, mostly centered around smuggling illegal goods from the Ice Wastes into the city. He built his mob from the ground up, and does not suffer challenges to his authority.

He’s prickly, to be sure, and his magical ice powers make him a force to be reckoned with, and if you call him by his first name he will probably kill you. That said, he is unfalteringly loyal to the people he cares about. Misra's good graces are the best protection you can get.








Name: Piers Lowell

Age: 27

Origin: Agartha

Occupation: Smuggler, Crime Lord’s #2


Piers and Misra have been together their whole lives. They’ve been through everything together and share the same ice powers. When they built their business, they decided that they would be equal partners, and that every decision would be made with each others’ consent, but Piers isn’t into all that responsibility. He defers to Misra’s judgement and lets him run the show. Piers is more of a planning guy--he won’t make the decisions, but once the decision is made he will make it happen, with precision and brutal tenacity.

When he’s off the clock, he’s actually very pleasant. If he invites you to tea, you know you’re on his good side.





Name: Cenric Brand

Age: 57

Origin: ???

Occupation: Criminal, ???

Brand came out of nowhere and struck up a business deal with Misra’s gang. What does he want? What are his plans? Nobody’s really sure.








Faint whispers in the dark.

Shifting movement in the distance.

Unseen, unknowable, waiting.